QwickPoint is a web-based complete value chain management application designed to enable businesses manage their stocks, sales, accounting, customers and automatically generates 31 different financial and performance reports.

Core features:

  • Client and staff capture and management: Client and staff details are captured once and stored, and made available in multiple sections of the application such as invoicing, sale, delivery, etc.
  • Stock management: The application enables management of stocks and ties them with sales and accounting, thus eliminating the drudgery of managing suppliers, stocks, sales and the overall accounting activities separately.
  • Ordering, invoicing and payment: The application facilitates order placement, approval, delivery, invoicing and payment.
  • Accounting: All transactions are managed in the Accounting Module - revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, owner equity and banking.
  • Reports: The application provides 31 different reports for monitoring including Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), Income Statement (Profit & Loss), Statement of Cash Flows, Trial Balance, Owner Equity Statement, Sales Summary, Stocks Summary, Cash Accounts Summary, Supply Listing, Sales per outlet/zone/branch, etc.
  • Notifications: The application alerts specified officials via email and/or SMS ahead of time about payments to be collected from clients who buy on credit. It also sends reminders to clients via email and/or SMS
  • Customer Relations Management: The application includes a contact address book through which businesses can maintain correspondence with their clients (both current and prospective) such as by sending occasional promotional information. Customers may subscribe to receive birthday, holiday and other anniversary wish messages.
  • Built with a simple workflow design leading to enable faster handling of tasks.
  • Intuitive "point-and-click" design.
  • All past records are available with just a few clicks.
  • Behind the scenes, the application uses a secure and reliable database system to store data.
  • Security: Password protection to ensure unauthorized access to records. Different levels of access for users and audit trails to ensure that records are not tampered with without approval.
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