Qwick Money Transfer

At QwickFusion, our primary goal is simple; to automate routine tasks ensuring that they become easier to perform, by developing and providing wide access to tools that work. QwickTransfer is a software package that facilitates money transfer activities, providing the benefits listed below.

Easy to learn, Easy to use

  • Intuitive "point-and-click" design.
  • Built with a simple workflow design leading to faster handling of clients.
  • All past records available with just a few clicks.
  • In very few clicks, monitor the progress of your outlets and cashiers/tellers.

Reduced Cost

• No need for to pay licensing fees for third party components such as database platforms and server applications.

Flexible & Customisable

  • At QwickFusion, our aim is to constantly develop and deliver the best software in the market. We have a dedicated team of software developers, database designers, and graphics designers and we all have a common goal, to constantly evolve QwickTransfer based on requirements and feedback from our clients.
  • From just little tweaks to improve efficiency, to the development of completely new features, QwickFusion makes available to you, our brainstorming power and expertise, to get QwickTransfer evolving as your practice evolves.

Prompt after sales support

  • QwickTransfer is backed with an intelligent and experienced support team who assist you from day 1

We listen to our clients and offer effective training

  • At QwickFusion, we know that selling software is the easy part, getting your staff to use it and love it is a different story. You don't have to spend months learning QwickTransfer or reading long help manuals to get started. We have created a simple training plan which will get you using QwickTransfer in minimum time. It can be customised to your learning speed and at your convenience

Secure & Reliable

  • Behind the scenes, QwickTransfer uses a secure and reliable database system to store your data.
  • Password protection to ensure unauthorized access to your records.
  • Different levels of access for users and audit trails have been put in place to ensure that records are not tampered with without approval.

Truly local

  • QwickTransfer has been designed and developed in Ghana by young Ghanaian programmers, specifically for local money transfer.

System Requirements

QwickTransfer can run over the internet or on a Wide Area Network (WAN). Internet Based
  • Internet access
  • Desktop computers with internet security applications running
Wide Area Network Based
  • Secure network infrastructure
  • Secure desktop computers

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